Congrats on your engagement. Now is that exciting time to start wedding dress shopping. Most girls have dreamt of that dresses from a tender age, yet Some have given it’s no thought till now. Which Ever bride you are Couture and tiara bridal shop in Burgess Hill welcomes you with open arms.
You will want to start with looking at the different styles from magazines. Just pick out what you particularly like from each individual style and take notes. Starting from the top with the neckline. At present they is 7 necklines I know, probably 4 more are being added on to the list but the most popular ones are : 

1. Sweetheart neckline

This is shaped in an obvious heart shape with a plunge either central to the cleavage or slightly deviated. This type of neckline is most favourable to a smaller bust lady. Some styles come with deeper inverted cups, these will be suitable for bigger busted ladies too.

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2. V-neckline, this drops down in a V shape. It is more flattering for smaller chested brides as it tends to show some cleavage. You could obtain some coverage with some Chantilly lace or illusion tulle.

3.Halterneck, this is suitable for every bride it has great support to the vast and can be made with different fabrics and embellishments.

4. Off the shoulder, this style is quite flattering on every bride. It is one sits just of the shoulder or slightly balancing on the edge of the shoulder this is a good way to show off some shoulder if you are worried about a complete reveal.

5.Queen Anne,this is diamond shaped with a slightly raised Nevkline. Revealing only a tiny front of the chest. This is quite flattering when made from lace. 

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