Mens Wear: Ties, Cravats & Hankies

Mens Accessories

Mens accessories to match the bridesmaids exact dress colours. Visit our bridal shop to view the range of mens accessories you can order. Our bridesmaid dresses have very unique colours which may be difficult to match. Why not save your self the hassle of trying to match these by ordering an exact match.

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Traditional cravat available in various fabrics and up to 25 other colours.

Classic Ties

Classic traditional ties available in satin and dipioni fabrics. Can be ordered in 20 different colours

Bow tie

Bow tie in Satin or dupioni. Available in 20 other colours

Skinny ties

Skinny mens ties in over 20 other colours to match bridesmaid dresses.


Socks to match the bridal party colours.

Boys bow ties

Boys bow ties in over 20 colours to match

Boys ties

Boys zipper already tied up ties.

Boys Waist Coats

Boys waist coats in various colours

Pocket Square

Pocket squares to match the ties/cravats

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