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Bridesmaid Dress Shopping



Here are a few rules to help you plan for your bridesmaid dress shopping trip.

  1. IT STARTS WITH SELECTING YOUR TEAM: Make sure you select your bridesmaids based on who has ever shared the same love as you do. This will affect the whole wedding and bridal shower proceedings. Make sure the girls do not clash, share a similar fashion sense.
  2. Set out a budget, it is very normal nowadays for the girls to chip in on buying their dresses. After all they get to keep a dress after the wedding.
  3. Do your research on what store stocks the designer bridesmaid dresses you are after. Organise all the girls to attend one appointment. We give offers to bridesmaids who make a purchase with just one appointment as this saves us time. bridesmaid dress shopping
  4. We used to advise you select a colour prior to your shopping but this has since changed. Keep an open mind as you may not find an exact match to a ribbon you have fallen in love with. Colour palates vary widely but we can assure you we have over forty different colours to select from.
  5. Have a styling planned prior to your wedding: do you want all the girls in the same dress or different dresses to suit each individual but same colour? Do you prefer the twit and wrap dress which we offer allowing individuality? Do you want them in the same dress but different matching pastel colours?
  6. Decide on the styles and stick with the decision. Listen to our bridal consultants advise. They have vast knowledge on our bridesmaid dresses and know which silhouette would best work for your girls.
  7. Get measured by our professional team and stick to the measurements. Remember you are all a team, together you will work in sharing the same goal: LOOKING FABULOUS AT YOUR WEDDING.
  8. Decide what footwear you will all wear as this might affect the length of your dresses. Remember we offer extra length on most of our bridesmaid dresses.
  9. Get the swatches of the colours selected. Our designers offer these to be used for the groomsman, florist, décor and cake.
  10. Plan you final fitting together and enjoy looking fabulous at the wedding in our gown.bridesmaids dresses

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